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In Isle Of Man properties

Property Image Tagging

Using HOMM anything that appears in any property picture can be tagged or advertised.

For example, this random image has these clickable tags : fabulous villa, Private pool

Welcome to the Unusual Property Finder

HOMM provides ways to browse anything from style to taste, brands, eco, environmental, energy, history, construction or neighbourhoods.
It does this by providing a wrapper around the property description keyword search functionality of the underlying portals.

FIND WORD, NAME OR PHRASE: [comma separated]

HOMM is Learning - To teach it, simply search for any word(s), if it's useful then it'll become a bespoke page.
Search for your company or interest - if Estate Agents have mentioned it then it automatically has a page on HOMM.
You can add to, advertise on, or even claim ownership of pages.

Each page has a bespoke list of the latest properties with that feature, together with companies and details about the subject.
Below are just a few of the 1000's words and phrases that open-up powerful new dimensions in the property market.

HOMM is currently in development. If you would like to discuss how it fits into your advertising strategy please contact me.